Vivienne ChuLiao’s way of playing is inspired by her idols: Bill Evans, Fred Hersch, Keith Jarret and Oscar Peterson. Just as they did, ChuLiao’s first education was in classical music, and coming from a family of non-musicians she showed talent in her early years. Before
undertaking her official musical education at 18, ChuLiao taught herself violin for years and has been playing piano and singing since the ages of 4 and 16 respectively. When ChuLiao was 18 she was given the opportunity to study both classical voice and piano in the top music school in Taiwan. Since then, ChuLiao has developed a wide
knowledge of classical music, and a sensitivity of touch and line.
At the age of 22, after the graduation, ChuLiao unfortunately had to give up singing due to health issues, and by chance, she participated in the TISJA (Taipei International Summer Jazz Academy) where she discovered her passion for Jazz. From that moment forward she set her mind to be a Jazz musician. Despite there being no official Jazz music
education in Taiwan she decided to take a leap of faith and study abroad.
While still discovering jazz and her style, ChuLiao found it encouraging to work as a music teacher alongside her studies in jazz. Eventually her thirst for knowledge became so strong she decided to apply for the auditions at the Royal Conservatorie of The Hague. With
only a year and half of Jazz learning behind her, she was accepted into the Royal Conservatoire where she began her career as a Jazz pianist.

Playing in different collaborations – from duo, small ensembles to big band – she has held concerts, both solo and in groups, in many different venues around Europe and Taiwan.
As a musician that comes from a classical background, ChuLiao still plays classical music and is a keen classical improviser. For her, to be a musician, it’s not only a job but also a social responsibility to give it back to the world. No known society exists without music of
some form or another; the music that we perform has the ability to lift up the human race therefore ChuLiao keeps a professional attitude to the music at all times. In her music, each tune has its purpose and story behind it; to get inspirations, ChuLiao observes people. She thinks in other people’s shoes, feels what they feel: love, hope,
memories, and uses that inspiration to transform those emotions into the music.

Buddhism has been another huge influence on ChuLiao’s music. In Buddhism, to have selfless love, complete wisdom and mercy has always been ChuLiao’s life goal. With the music and the religion, love is the main discipline and inspiration for her. To show people happiness, humility, passion and love through her music, ChuLiao hopes to bring
some joy and sincerity to the world.